All for a wonderful off-road 4×4 tour in Vietnam 

On the trip to the most sought-after places, compared with motorcycling tour, it’s no doubt that traveling on 4 wheels or 4×4 off-road cars offers more flexibility and comfort because of its ability to hold a lot of necessary equipment for a holiday. Anyway, take notice of all the remarks mentioned below to have a perfect trip in Vietnam.

Check your 4×4 off-road car before starting the trip

Checking the car’s working status is considered the very first important step for any trip or journey even if it does not have any matter while you drive it before.

Arrange either a professional mechanic or a bag of basic self-repair understanding. Besides, it is also necessary to bring fundamental spare parts such as tires, glasses, flashlights, batteries, power pumps along with you to avoid the case of the occurrence of any unexpected problems.

But the most effective way recommended is seeking for a mobile repair shop in advance on the way of getting around Vietnam. Petrol stops usually offer drivers this kind of service.

Prepare essential pieces of stuff

A certain number of things have to be carried throughout the trip. They are personal identification documents, clothes, basic health care equipment, tools for repairing and particularly, a hard copy of map designed with clear driving routes that you plan to pass through, which can help you if there should arise an occurrence of no signal of the cell phone in a remote area.

Also, instant food & drink like water, biscuits, chocolate, sausages, and milk always stands as a significant role in case you cope with the situation that no restaurant or no food are available on traveling roads.

Besides, bringing a tent for camping will drive your trip marvelous regardless of whether your destination is a beach or mountain area.

Catch up with all ideas to avoid being hungry

Along the way, you can drop by by any food stalls in front of which a lot of trucks, containers, buses or coaches are parking.

You are not a native; therefore, before you set the foot in any provinces, it’s crucial to get some knowledge of local specialties, well-known restaurants, sanitation problems or even make a blacklist of low-quality restaurants to be forced to pay a higher amount of money. You should not miss the opportunity to enjoy famous regional foods so that you can truly enjoy the taste of the local land. Moreover, getting more information about the local foods and their ingredients will help to avoid allergies.

Instant noodles, sausages, and canned fish or meat are the most convenient choices. You also can buy local raw ingredients to cook in your own ways.

Don’t stop for a break in the wild route

While driving 4×4, have you ever deal with complicated troubles because you get stuck in the wild forests? It is certain that when it gets dark, there will be more and more problems with your 4×4 off-road cars. Therefore, if you are not an expert at the regional terrains, it is advisable to take a residential place as a break at the stop to avoid anything happened frustratingly. This is also a good opportunity for you to understand more about the living habit of local residents. It is not recommended to have a stop in deserted areas because they may cause a lot of risks to you.

Be well-prepared for traffic rules understanding 

Equip yourself with the Vietnamese traffic knowledge, including all traffic signals, cardinal directions, and other notes while driving on the highways, forest roads, passes, and sharp bends. Otherwise, the police will trouble you at any time. But in case, if you are asked by the police, please make use of your local relationship to negotiate for a reasonable fine right at your site. If not, there will be some unexpected effects on your itinerary.

Take breaks 

It’s better to go from early morning and take breaks when it’s dark. Don’t try to drive at night to avoid suffering from accidents. Along the highway, especially the sections that connect several different provinces or cities, there are often ideal places for you to relax for 15 to 30 minutes. While breaking, you can wash your face, drink a small cup of tea or eat some fast food. To have a smooth car trip, having the right break to keep a healthy body is extremely crucial as a 4×4 off-road car trip usually takes you more strength and effort.

If you want a successful off-road car trip in Vietnam, all mentioned-above necessary knowledge must be kept in mind. Especially, the one related to car repair is the very first concern.

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