Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Tours: Facts You May Not Know

Have you ever participated in Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours? If not, you should add it to your bucket list straight away! When joining such tours, you will have interesting experiences when watching many beautiful scenes with your own eyes. Moreover, the cost of traveling by motorbike is quite cheap. After joining a motorbike tour, you will completely fall in love with it.

Wanna discover more? Come on! Let BM Travel Motorbike Tour show you some facts about motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Some Facts Of Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh Motorbike Tours

Pros Of Motorbike Traveling

First of all, on the back of a motorbike, you will have the opportunity to see the attractive beauty of nature in Vietnam. Motorbike is a dynamic vehicle, so it can take you through many routes that cars cannot. Especially when you join Vietnam motorbike tours, you can experience the most beautiful beaches from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. 

What’s more, you can make new friends or meet interesting people during the journey. There are a lot of people who love Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh motorbike tours so believe me, you can find many people who have the same interests and even your sidekicks. 

If you get lost, you will easily find help from the natives. They are very friendly and hospitable. I was invited to the diner by a stranger in Da Nang. It was a rainy day, my companion and I couldn’t move. We were sheltered under the eaves of the house. Then the host and his son invited us for lunch because the rain was too heavy. It was one of the beautiful memories during my trip.

Về đêm, chùa cầu hội an đẹp tựa một bức tranh đa màu sắc
Về đêm, chùa cầu hội an đẹp tựa một bức tranh đa màu sắc

Cons Of Motorbike Traveling – Some Strange Things Of The Way In Vietnam

First, I think that you need to know about the types of road in Vietnam. There are some types of roads such as National Roads, Super Highway, Countryside Road, and Very Small Road. You should avoid National Roads, Super Highway because they are the routes for cars. They are very dangerous because there are many steerman who drive over the speed limit. 

Second, you will encounter a lot of dust when traveling on roads. Do not be surprised. I recommend you to prepare some masks and eyeglasses. They are very useful for your motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Third, you may experience bad weather at any time. The rains or storms often occur between May and October. In my opinion, you should prepare a raincoat all the time. Even though it’s sunny, it can still rain suddenly.

You should choose the periods from March to May and from September to December because these rarely have storms.


A tour from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh motorbike has a lot of interesting things. Vietnam has countless beautiful scenes for you to explore. Find a good companion for your motorcycle trip. They can help you to have unforgettable vacations. Let’s go, my friends.  And do not forget the necessary tools.  

Good luck.

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